Our Team

FirstMRI staff is committed to making each patient’s experience the best it can be. From our reception team to our billing department, our team is compassionate and caring, every step of the way.

FirstMRI exam results are interpreted by a group of radiologists at Spectrum Medical Group.


Our technologists have 194 years of combined MRI experience. Currently, we have nine technologists who provide the imaging services. Each is highly trained to make your procedure as fast and comfortable as possible. They know how to ease fears, avoid painful positions, and accommodate special needs.

Credentials: Each technologist carries a State of Maine license and is registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, a leading credentialing organization that recognizes qualified individuals in medical imaging, in diagnostic imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.

Scheduling Team

Our scheduling staff is composed of a team of six full-time representatives. They handle the referring practitioner’s orders for MRI exams and deal with any insurance issues. They contact the patients who have been referred to us to discuss appointment times, safety issues, questions the patient may have, directions to the center, and any insurance issues that arise.


Our reception staff provides a warm welcome to our patients and their families and assists with getting patients ready for their imaging.


Our billing staff coordinates with the insurance companies for the exams and follows up with any issues that may arise with any aspect of the billing process.

Field Engineer & Physicist

Our physicist and field engineer ensure that our MRI systems are operating in top condition.