Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the MRI cost?

The cost of the exam depends on a few factors. We pride ourselves in knowing we offer the lowest cost exam compared to any other MRI providers in the area. Prior to your appointment, we will check your insurance coverage to determine your estimated out-of-pocket expense, if any, and will contact you with that information. If you do not have health insurance coverage, we will work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable payment plan.

How long does the MRI exam take?

Most exams take somewhere between a half hour to an hour, and the time difference is basically related to what test your practitioner has ordered.

Is there any radiation harmful to me with the MRI exam?

No, there is no harmful radiation associated with the exam. It uses a magnet and radio frequency waves to produce the images.

May I have a copy of my MRI exam?

Yes. You may request a CD of the MRI exam.

When will I know the results of my exam?

Nearly all exams are read the same day they are performed, and the reports are generally ready the following day. Some specialty exams are interpreted collaboratively by the radiologists, and those reports may take a few days longer.

What happens when I arrive at FirstMRI?

You will be greeted by our receptionist and asked to complete and sign some paperwork authorizing FirstMRI to forward a report to your referring practitioner and a claim to your insurance company. There will also be a few safety screening questions to ensure your exam is conducted comfortably and safely. Next, you will change into hospital clothing and place your belongings in a locker for safekeeping during your MRI exam. You will keep the brass key to the locker with you at all times.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

We are very comfortable with helping our patients who have claustrophobia feel comfortable during their exams. Both MRI systems are open, short-bore styled, with one being a wide, open bore perfect for bariatric patients and those who need a feeling of spaciousness to be comfortable. Both MRI systems have lighted bores, fans that allow robust air flow, and the technologist will speak to you throughout the exam. Often referring practitioners can prescribe an anti-anxiety medication that is helpful to tolerate the exam. You also may have a friend or relative stay with you during the exam.