The Best Care for the Lowest Price

Depending on their circumstances, patients can save 30–50% or more when compared to hospital-based MRI rates.

We understand that needing an MRI can be a scary moment. When we or someone we love needs an MRI, we tend to think about fast scheduling, accurate results, and affordability—in that order. Comparing price among MRI providers can be complicated, but FirstMRI has built its business on delivering the lowest priced MRIs, without sacrificing accuracy or its level of care.

While most providers quote their charge for the scan, our team takes the time to listen to your unique health insurance situation and provides a quote based on your individual coverage. This extra step ensures that each patient pays the lowest out-of-pocket price possible.


FirstMRI understands that your health is a priority. We’re proud to offer a 30% discount for uninsured patients who are paying in full on the date of the scan.

For pricing information that takes your insurance into consideration, call 207-945-4680!

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