What To Expect At Your MRI Appointment

Your MRI

An MRI system uses a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer to create detailed images of the organs and structures in the human body.  The MRI system is a tube shape machine with a stretcher in the middle that moves your body into the system.

What To Expect At FirstMRI

After you are checked in at the reception desk, we ask that you change out of your street clothes and change into hospital attire.  This ensures that no metal accidentally enters the MRI system.  Our technologists then escort you to the MRI room.  They make sure that you are comfortable, providing you with blankets, pillows, and pads as needed.

Here at FirstMRI, the technologists are able to talk to you during your exam. The MRI system makes noises during your exam.  We offer earplugs and music to aid in relaxation for most appointments. It is vital that you lie as still as possible during your appointment to ensure we are able to get excellent images. Appointments vary in length from 15 minutes to 1 hour per exam.

Once the appointment is done, you are brought to the changing rooms where you change back into your clothing.  The radiologist reads the images and the report from the radiologist is usually ready in 24 hours.  More detailed and intricate exams may require extra time to read and produce a report.

Here at FirstMRI, we take every opportunity to make sure that you are comfortable, engaged and your appointment goes well.  Please tell your doctor you choose FirstMRI.

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