Why FirstMRI

Consider Your Options When You Need an MRI

Maine patients have access to multiple MRI systems throughout the state, but not all MRIs are made equal. FirstMRI encourages all patients to be informed and consider your options.

Lower Cost

Costs for an MRI can vary drastically from one provider to the next. Many providers will quote a patient on the actual cost of the MRI without taking into consideration their unique health insurance situation. FirstMRI takes the time to understand your needs, provides you with a quote that impacts your bottom line, and offers discounts for those who aren’t insured. Learn more about our pricing.

Greater Clarity & Comfort

FirstMRI is proud to house the most advanced imaging technology across all of Maine. Our highly sensitive 3-T MRI system is the technology of choice for pediatric, orthopedic, and neurological imaging. In addition, our systems are engineered to help avoid patient anxiety and claustrophobia. Learn more about our technology.


FirstMRI guarantees an appointment within three days of scheduling and can often schedule a patient while they are still at the referring provider appointment. Rather than sending a letter with a set appointment that a patient may not be able to attend, our schedulers work with patients to find a date and time that’s convenient for them. We also offer same day and emergency after-hour service when necessary for a patient.

Experience & Technology

Our team has a combined 200 years of collective experience and are highly trained to make each patient visit as fast and as comfortable as possible. Compassionate and caring, our team listens to each patient and provides accommodations to help ease fears and avoid painful positions. Learn more about our experience.

Children’s MRIs

FirstMRI is the only provider that offers pediatric sedation to keep your child feeling secure and comfortable.